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Pork chop rolls stuffed with mushrooms in tomato sauce and mashed potatoes

Pork chop rolls stuffed with mushrooms in tomato sauce and mashed potatoes

1. Peel the vegetables and chop them finely. Heat the onion together with the garlic. Add the carrots and peppers, and then the mushrooms. Add salt, pepper and cover with a lid until the vegetables are done. ready add the finely chopped dill and parsley. Allow to cool.

2. Beat the meat with salt and a little pepper. Fill the pieces of meat and put about 2 tablespoons for each. Grab them with two toothpicks each. .

3. Prepare the sauce in a pan, put the tomatoes in the broth, the chopped garlic, spices and bay leaves. When the sauce is almost done, thicken it with flour diluted with cold water. After 45 minutes, put the sauce over the rolls and leave 10 more. -15 minutes.

4. Boil the potatoes with salt. After it has boiled, crush them with the mixer, add the milk, margarine and continue to mix. Season with salt.

Good appetite!!!!!

Pork chop rolls stuffed with mushrooms in tomato sauce and mashed potatoes - Recipes

I was a little reluctant to this recipe discovered in the magazine Femeia de azi no.8. Meat through flour, but also butter through flour ?? Having few mushrooms, I also used pasta, so from Pork with mushrooms and sour cream, my way turned into Pasta with pork.

Portions: 4
Calories: 520
Time: 45 minutes
Difficulty: small
Price: 20 lei

500g diced pork,
1kg mushroom mushrooms,
100g butter,
2-3 tablespoons flour,
200 ml sour cream,
2-3 cloves of garlic,
1 tablespoon oil,
ground black pepper,
ground white pepper,
chopped green dill.

1. Heat the wok or a deep frying pan and fry the hot pieces of meat in the hot oil.

When they have a brown crust, set them aside on paper towels.

2. Give the butter, in large pieces, through the flour.

Then cut the mushrooms into large pieces and put them in the wok - I had very few mushrooms, about 300g.

3. When the water left by the mushrooms has dropped, add the floured butter, cover and leave for ten minutes. Add salt, pepper and crushed garlic. Leave for another two minutes, stirring. Add sour cream and meat, stirring vigorously. Leave on the fire for two minutes, then serve with finely chopped dill.

I boiled a packet of spiral pasta and mixed them with the meat and mushrooms. I put sour cream on top and sprinkled dill (frozen).

Dill gave it a sensational taste, I who was used to using only oregano in pasta -)

You can make the white sauce separately and finer by mixing the sour cream with 25g butter and 10 g food starch.


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simple and delicious. put mushrooms in anything and you have me at the table without other comments :))

Ingredients for the appetizer roll from pork chop with mushrooms

  • 1 kilogram of pork chop
  • 600 grams of fresh mushrooms
  • a cube of butter (about 20 grams)
  • a small onion
  • 1-2 tablespoons oil
  • 1 or
  • salt
  • 2-3 cloves of garlic
  • pepper
  • thyme

Pictures of pork chop

Baked pork chop, tips and recipe with pictures for a juicy steak. Boneless cutlet pork steak, baked, step by step recipe. How to make a juicy pork steak from boneless chop. Everyone knows that in Romania, pork is the most popular Ingredients: 800 g pork chop in one piece 100 g minced pork 4-5 slices of bacon 1-2 cloves of garlic 1 egg salt, pepper, chopped parsley For the sauce. Pork chop with sour cream (29 votes), (3), (22 If you want to enjoy a really delicious and tender meat, then try this pork chop recipe in garlic flavored sauce! It will surely conquer you Here you see a Pork chop with bone and mouse - recipe here.And a section through it: pink, tender and juicy meat.The world does not know what to do with these slices of chop.Well, the quality of our meat is not constant and you can had surprises (buying from the same place) that one day to catch tender meat and another to be a hard one Therefore, we propose a roast pork chops in the oven Ingredients: 3 pork chops 4 potatoes A tomato. Half a can of mushrooms 3 tablespoons of broth Salt, pepper, oil, oregano Pork chops secondment with salt, pepper and oregano You will see that a little oregano will completely change the taste of the steak

Preparation - Pork chop with baked potatoes. Preheat the oven to 220 ° C. Grease a pan with a little oil. Blend the vinegar, garlic, oil, rosemary leaves, salt and pepper to taste until you get a smooth sauce. You keep a third of it. Place the meat in the pan, grease it with the sauce, then bake it for 15 minutes. 5 slices 1 cm thick pork chop (can be boneless chop, with bone, with bone and mouse) 1 head of garlic 150 ml chicken soup 100 ml dry white wine 1 bay leaf 1 thread dried thyme 2 tablespoons oil salt, pepper black, sweet paprika Pork chop - Simple and tasty, this baked pork chop can be prepared any day of the week. Try it! Ingredients: pork, oil, s .. Put the pieces of meat seasoned with spices in a pan, bowl or bag in the refrigerator for 4-24 hours. They are best if you prepare them the night before the barbecue. From the same piece of nape I make 2 more bags of slices, the one that is extra I put in the freezer, to be handy for the next time

Baked pork chop, recipe for a Romanian steak

2 pcs. pork chop (with bone) 1 tablespoon olive oil 1/4 packet butter 3-4 sprigs of thyme 4-5 strands of green oregano 3-4 sprigs of rosemary 3-4 cloves of garlic salt and pepper to taste. Before the actual preparation, we must make sure that the chop piece reaches a temperature as close as possible to the environment. pork chop with mushrooms If pork is, for you, the tastiest vegetable, as the saying goes, then you can try, this weekend, a delicious recipe proposed by, which continues the series Famous chefs with culinary mastery of extravagant British chef Gordon Ramsay Serving pork chop with tomato sauce. I quickly boiled some simple pasta (in salted water) and sprinkled them with a little olive oil. Each received on the plate a slice of pork chop with tomato sauce and a bunch of tagliatelle. To stay in the Italian area, we sprinkled a few Parmesan flakes over this wonder. Here are the most relevant pictures about pork on Picture: Pork drum. Picture: Baked pork leg. Picture: Spicy pork steak. Picture: Pork chop with apple icing. Picture: Marinated pork skewers and mashed potatoes with garlic. Picture: Pork steak cooked with wine

And that's because many of the traditional Romanian dishes are based on pork. Pork neck, pork leg, chop, pork shoulder, pork breast, scallops, minced meat, etc. - regardless of the type of meat you prefer or need, in our shop windows you can always find fresh pork 500 gr. steak of pig or of veal, 1/2 cup flour, 1 egg preparation: Take antricoate of pig, of ram or of calf washes, peels and chops (with that bone). Every chop it beats easily with a hammer of wood, sprinkle with beaten and then breadcrumbs

Saltimbocca is usually made from veal, but I had a pork chop so beautiful that it was a shame for him not to make it that way. It is made so fast and this food is so good. Read on. How to make the pork chop not dry, tender and juicy, but well cooked? Rete .. Pictures tagged pig by members of the family community. View images of pigs and other tags associated with them

Pictures tagged with pork chop by members of the Family Photo Album community. View images of pork chops and other tags associated with their Preparation. Cut the chop into 1 cm thick slices, salt, pepper and beat with a hammer. On a preheated pan, put the meat to brown on both sides, until it changes color slightly, meanwhile cut the onion scales. If you liked our recipe Baked potatoes with pork chop, don't forget to review it. For successful culinary photos use the Nikon D3500. Other recipes. from Steaks. Turkey breast steak. In a pressure cooker, heat the olive oil and the spices. Add the spla pt The pork chops glazed with honey are left to marinate in the evening, and the next day they are only good for frying! Ingredient. 4-6 pork chops 2 tablespoons rosemary olive oil. Ingredients for the marinade. 70 ml balsamic vinegar 70 ml honey 70 g apricot jam 2 tablespoons Dijon mustard 5 cloves garlic salt pepper Recipes with pork: Muscle per minute with lentil puree and tomato coulis Grilled marinated muscle with spinach Muscle placed with butter and puree Pea Salad with Parmesan dressing and pork chop per minute. 1,830 recipes, 37,320 comments and 54,076 votes

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Season the pork chops with salt and pepper, on both sides. Grease the pork with the mixture of oil and mustard, also on both sides. Sprinkle the onion and garlic mixture on top of each piece of meat, this time on one side. We press lightly so that a kind of crust forms. When it comes to baking, choose a pork chop that has more fat because it will be juicier. When choosing the pork chop for baking, we recommend that you opt for a multicolored (marbled) piece instead of one with a uniform color. Pork cutlet. Place the chops on a plate or plate, next to a favorite garnish. I have now prepared sautéed peas, but French fries, puree or nature, sauerkraut or some sautéed vegetables work just as well. in the category Steaks and garnishes. Among the recipes I would recommend stuffed pork chop, pork chop with pineapple. The chop filled with mushrooms served next to a glass of La Cetate-Pinot Noir wine from Crama Oprisor, will make the meal a delight! Ingredients: Pork chop 1.8 Kg Brown sugar molasses 200 g Honey 150 g Vegetable soup 350 ml Potatoes, carrots, asparagus Salt, pepper, thyme We invite you to watch below our video recipe pork chop with honey glaze: Mod Preparation: Step 1. Wash and clean the meat of excess fat if [

How to make the most fragile and tasty pork chop in just

Trailed pork chops Ingredients: 5 slices pork chop, a clove of garlic, 150 ml chicken soup, 100 ml dry white wine, a bay leaf, 1 thread dried thyme, two tablespoons oil, salt, pepper, paprika : preheat to 220 degrees. Prepare a tray in which the slices of meat take place in a single layer. Untie the garlic cloves from the head and. Today I prepared PORK CUTLET WITH OVEN THYME. The pork came out soft and juicy, it also left an extraordinarily flavorful juice in the pan, so I used it as a sauce for meat and puree. You can serve this cutlet with any garnish you want or even with a cutlet salad, pork rack, baked, tender and fragrant. That's all, it's not as complicated as it sounds. Remove the crown from the tray and place it on a round plate and put the gasket around and in the middle.

Grilled pork chops 10 tips for a meat

  • Baked Pork Chop Recipe with Grilled Potatoes from the Cookbook, Meat Dishes. Specific Romania. How to make Baked Pork Chop with Grated Potatoes. Keep up to date with the latest news! Enter your email address and press the send button! I agree that my personal data will be stored and used for receipt.
  • Baked pork chop - an excellent recipe for dinner of the week! Baked pork chop - a steak that all [
  • Serve with soft white bread. - 1 kg pork chop, 100 ml sour cream, 3 cloves garlic, 1 tablespoon oil, 20 g butter, salt. Home delivery. Recipe from Pork chop in the garden Add to favorites. pleasantly. Ingredient: 1.

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  • Baked pork chop with rosemary and red wine goes very well with a mashed potato, pea or spinach, or with some baked potatoes with rosemary. Instead of salad, I recommend accompanying it with some red onions pickled in vinegar. It will be a great combination. Click on the picture below for the recipe
  • The best recipe for pork steak, neck or chop: We start by preparing the pieces of meat. They are sliced ​​to the right thickness and greased with a little oil. Then sprinkle the spice mix over the meat and, in a circular motion, distribute everything evenly on both sides.
  • In other words, the new recipes from March will be missing the one with the traditional birthday cake, but I will publish today's recipe for steak, baked pork chop with wine and another appetizer recipe. The rest of the prepared recipes are already on the site
  • ute, during which time we put together, in a bowl, the liquid cream and the dijon mustard. After mixing them properly, I put them over the soup and I have them.
  • pork chops in red wine sauce. Since I left home I rarely cook steak with sauce but in autumn and winter, especially, nothing can be compared to such a steak. Quite rarely do we eat pork, my favorite being beef, but when I want something.
  • Pork chop with cranberry jam 13/04/2010 by Teo 3 comments If you are not a fan of the sweet-salty combination, this does not mean that you should avoid this recipe, because cranberry jam is not one of the [

How about a marinated pork chop or baked pork muscle? Pork can be cooked in various ways, as you can see in the recipes below. Put a side dish of vegetables or a salad and you will be able to enjoy a hearty meal. An elegant and very appetizing pork recipe is the recipe for pork chop rolls stuffed with cheese and kapia peppers, wrapped in bacon or kaizer. To make it we need 500g pork chop (12 boneless pork chops), 2 red peppers, 50g cheese, 100g bacon or kaizer, ½ teaspoon salt, ½ teaspoon ground pepper, 1 cup white wine, 2 tablespoons oil

Grandma's tochitura usually had small pieces of bacon with meat, pieces of liver, onion, garlic and all this slowly tasted great. I went for the simple version, I made the tochitura only with pork and I only used the meat (it gave me an extra boost to appetite and Natalia with her tochitura recipe) Pork chop flavored in beer - a tender steak and tasty, very easy to prepare. I don't like the taste of beer, I rarely drink a Corona. But baked meat cooked with beer is another story: beer loses its smell and the meat acquires an interesting aroma and becomes more tender. The pork chop goes wonderfully with the mushroom sauce. It's an easy recipe, the oven does most of the work Chop ingredients: 600-700 gr pork chop. 1 large onion. 6 medium mushrooms. 1 teaspoon chopped rosemary. 1 teaspoon chopped oregano. 1 clove garlic. olive oil. 20 gr butter. 150 ml white wine. 200 ml sour cream for cooking. Chop steak with onion sauce Step 1: Marinating Mix salt and pepper well with all spices. Then, rub the chop well on the whole surface with all the prepared spices, put it in a plastic bag, close it well and .. Today I have for you a simple and delicious recipe, pork chop with onion in a frying pan.It is a quick and tasty dish, which you can eat with a hot polenta, a mashed potato, rice or cooked pasta .. It will not take much time to prepare and can be useful when you are in a time crisis or you just don't feel like standing in front of the stove

Autumn has come with its sweet, juicy, soft and fragrant pears and it would be a shame not to prepare a tasty dish from them. We present you a recipe for pork chops with pears tested by us. And we like Ingredients pork chop in the pan. 6 pork chops. 3 tablespoons olive oil. 1 sprig of rosemary. salt and pepper. Preparation of pork chop in the pan. Sprinkle the meat with olive oil, season with salt and pepper, lightly massage each piece of chop and leave them for about 30 minutes at room temperature. . Squeeze the cabbage well, so that no water remains, and place it among the potatoes and meat, leaving the chops visible in the middle. Add over thyme and sage leaves, pepper, salt, oil and meat broth and put everything in the oven for 60 minutes. Blamed for the high fat content, pork should be eaten in moderation. But the cutlet does not contain fat, and if you also have a safe source of purchasing meat from healthy and natural raised animals, so much the better. Pork chops with bone: catalogs with discounts, offers and promotions from your favorite stores. Prices, products and discounts on pork chops with bone, meat. Pork chop with bone, portioned. Billa Supermarket Catalog June 4-10, 2015 'Exactly to my taste 16 pages.' Offer for June 4 - June 10, 2015.

Baked whole pork chop with bacon, extremely tender and fragrant, a holiday recipe. You can also read the recipe for the pork chop in the oven with bacon. 1. The pork chop is cleaned of the skins, passed through a stream of water and boiled in a liter of water with a pinch of salt. . Cover and simmer. 2. Try if it has boiled and, if the water has dropped, add the oil, wine, season with salt, bay leaves, peppercorns and ground and thyme. Pork chop wrapped in spices in the oven. Remove the tray with the pork chop from the oven and sprinkle the crushed spices and coarse salt over the hot red meat on all sides, pressing with a wooden spoon, to catch the spices and the meat salt. A pork chop is a miracle in itself, but if we season it with a sprig of thyme, a few garlic and a little ginger cut into thin slices, everything in the oven to caramelize and towards the end sprinkled and with a little white wine it turns into a royal

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  1. So this time I chose a boneless pork chop, stuffed with very simple cooked mushrooms, and as a side dish I prepared some zucchini spaghetti (which I made with a vegetable spiralizer) with tomato sauce. The husband was impressed by the pork chop
  2. wait until it thickens. Step 7. Slice the fry and place the sauce on top. Serve hot with potatoes. We wish you good appetite and increase the cooking of the pork neck recipe in the oven with potatoes
  3. For a baked pork steak, it is generally good to choose a piece of meat with a layer of fat. The steak will taste better. If you liked our recipe Pork Chop Recipe with Rosemary, don't forget to review it at Cuptor
  4. Thanks to HerePromotions, you can search for Pork Chop stores and the best offers, discount coupons and vouchers for Pork Chop up to date. Browse the catalog immediately to find out how to save in the Pork Chop stores, see the working hours, the phone and discover how to get to the store thanks to the instructions on.
  5. Pork chop with rice from: pork chop, salt, pepper, sunflower oil, red onion, garlic, wine, thyme, oregano, sugar, rice, butter, water, mushrooms, breadcrumbs and green parsley .. Ingredients: 800 g boneless pork chop salt pepper sunflower oil a large red onion 2-3 cloves garlic 100 ml sweet red wine
  6. Boneless pork chop stuffed with sage and lemon. This Gordon Ramsay recipe is ideal if you want to forget about classic recipes. You need: - 1.5 kilograms of boneless pork chop - the peel of a lemon - a bunch of sage leaves - a bunch of parsley - two cloves of garlic. Method of preparation

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  1. . to blend the flavors and it was ready to serve! As you can see in the pictures, I couldn't wait to cool down a bit :) Enjoy! Tags: pork mushrooms. Article navigation
  2. For a more spectacular steak, we would need a whole piece of coltlet, but nothing can stop us from trying the recipe with chop slices (or any other pork). We cut strips of 100 g of kaizer (instead of kaizer we can use a fatty and smoked meat or pieces of ham) and we clean all the garlic cloves of one.
  3. e - green basil -4 cloves of garlic - a tablespoon of tomato paste or broth. Optionally you can add a teaspoon of hot or sweet pepper paste

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  1. Chopofpigwith assorted mushrooms. Similar products. Spicy pan 29.99 lei. Add to Basket.
  2. Pork steak with plums and apricots from: pork chop, plums, apricots, onions, walnuts, butter, cinnamon, salt, pepper, wine. Ingredients: 1.5 kg pork chop 20 prunes 14-16 dried apricots 2 onions 200 g walnut kernels 2 tablespoons butter 1 tablespoon cinnamon powder 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon pepper [
  3. Slowly baked flavored pork chop with meatball sauce Posted On January 17, 2018 By Adi Hădean And has 4 Comments You have to be very careful not to surprise your body with too light food after the holidays (such as leaves, salads, or other food for herbivorous-toothed mammals) so I.
  4. Pork chop stuffed with mushrooms by Amalia on January 14, 2011 February 26, 2020 in Pork dishes I think this recipe is suitable for the weekend, plus it's not very greasy, and the combination chop - mushrooms seemed very suitable
  5. Pork chop stewed with spices Ingredients: 5-6 pieces of chop thicker. 6 cloves of garlic. 3 tablespoons oil (or lard) 2 tablespoons paprika. 3 bay leaves. 1 tablespoon peppercorns. salt. Put the oil in a pan and fry the pieces of meat on both sides until nicely browned. We clean the garlic and finely chop it

Difficulty level: Medium Number of servings: 10 Preparation time: 90 min I haven't prepared a sour soup for a long time and, looking through the fridge, I immediately decided on a peasant pork soup with vegetables which is very popular in my house. Ingredient: 500 gr. pork with bone 1 onion [Salad with chicken breast and pork tenderloin. Put the pork muscle and the chicken breast to boil in salted water. Put eggs to boil in water with a pinch of salt for 8 minutes. Remove the eggs in cold water, then peel them, cut them in half and separate the egg whites from the yolks. Mayonnaise itself. 1 comment The preparation is the same as pork chop in cabbage leaves and dough. Before being baked, make a crust in a little very hot oil on all sides. Then put it in the oven for half an hour. If necessary, cover with aluminum foil so that it does not burn

Articles from Pork chop with peppers written by flavmania. Flavmania Peppers seem more blackish, in the first pictures because initially I used balsamic vinegar that caramelized onions. That is why the dark color is by no means burned. I also put some pictures only with peppers, to see what they look like made with red wine vinegar, not balsamic. So. For this dish I used boneless pork chop, which I cut into thicker slices, about a finger. (click on pictures to zoom) First, I played in a bowl in which I mixed, generously and generously, thyme, basil, crushed garlic, curry and paprika Ingredients: pork chop, sausages from Oltenia, garlic, pesto sauce, paprika, hot pepper, fresh rosemary, olive oil, spices. Weight: (choose below

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Pork chop with beer (food) (note 5.0 out of 1 vote) Wash the chop, sprinkle with salt, pepper and place in a heat-resistant dish add the beer, garlic and sprinkle with oil, cover with aluminum foil and put in the preheated oven, at 180 degrees, for 45-50 'remove the foil and put it in the oven for 15' 1. Wash the pork chop and boil it in salted water. 2. Clean the mushrooms, wash, slice and fry in oil. Add the breadcrumbs and greens and season to taste. 3. Separately, clean the onion, garlic, crush with a blender and fry in heated oil. Preparation Pork chop in sour cream sauce. Remove the meat from the cold and leave it outside for 15-20 minutes before cooking. If the chop is not sliced, cut it into 1 finger-thick pieces. The pieces of meat are seasoned on both sides with salt and pepper. Heat the oil in a pan and fry the chop slices for 3-4 minutes on.

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5. Heat the grill and grease with 2 tablespoons of oil. Put the meat on the grill and fry for 20 minutes, turning on all sides. 6. Place the pork chops on a plate, garnish with green thyme and serve with orange sauce, grilled vegetables, fresh bread and a good wine. A recipe proposed by: Vekas Maria (Tracy Preparation of pork chop with baked potatoes. Chop chop in a pan in 75 ml of oil and 100 ml of water until browned. Flour dissolved in 100 ml of cold water add 50 ml of heated oil, add the rest of the milk and cook for 15 minutes, stirring constantly. Cool the composition. Add to favorites Remove from favorites A special recipe proposed by chef Cristina (White Horse) for an honest meal Medium difficulty Average cost Less than 30 minutes

. See also other recipes from the category Meat dishes For successful culinary photos use Nikon D350 Pork chop with wine and garlic sauce by Amalia on January 3, 2019 February 22, 2020 A practical and absolutely delicious recipe, the pork chop with wine and garlic sauce falls somewhere up in the top of pork recipes Friday night I went to a friend and she made pork muscles with mushroom sauce. I don't eat mushrooms at all, but it looks bestial 'specialty Recipe of the day Pork chop with mushroom sauce Why do you need 4 pieces of pork chops, 1 tablespoon olive oil, salt, pepper, white wine, 200 ml cooking cream, 1 teaspoon Green Pepper Pork, Pork, Pork Chop, Chop, Pork With Sauce, Frying Pan, Pork Chop Pan, In 10 7 00, Sauce, Frying Recipes, Quick Recipes, Pip Sauce

Baked pork chop with potatoes. Article published by Redactor. He who loves meat can never refuse a good steak. That's why we offer you a roast pork chops in the oven. Ingredient: 3 pork chops. 4 potatoes A tomato. Half a can of mushrooms Ingredients for the pork chop with mushroom sauce: - 4 pork chops maximum one finger thick (with or without bone, or any other type of meat you like) - 800 gr. champignon mushrooms and ears (of the brown ones), mixed, fresh - 1/2 glass of white wine - 300 ml. sour cream for cooking (hence the box

COTLET, chops, s.n. Piece comprising the bone and the related meat, cut from the upper part of the ribs from battalion, lamb, pig, calf, deer, deer. By poultry cutlet is meant the boned and cleaned bird breast of the skin, each half being served on the corresponding bone from the wing, shortened accordingly. The bacon is cut into strips. The cutlet is washed, breaded with strips of carrots and bacon and salted. Onions are cleaned, washed, finely chopped. Fresh tomatoes are washed, scalded, peeled and sliced

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Stir a little and let it boil for another 30 minutes, until the sauce thickens a little. At the end, season to taste with salt and pepper. Serve the pork chops with the mushroom sauce, along with the potato medallions with broccoli or a simple puree of potatoes Ingredients 4 pcs pork chops 2 green onions 1 glass red wine olive oil ground nut pepper salt Preparation The chops are washed, drained, sprinkled with a few drops of olive oil and seasoned to taste with salt and pepper. Sprinkle each piece with freshly ground nutmeg. Place the chops in a pan in which I put a little water and wine. Cover. One of the great tampons committed by the Romanian importers of spices is that at one point they managed to fill the food with juniper, beautifully packaged, only that the translation of juniper had proudly stuck on the box. Well, how do they know, poor people, that allspice beans are dry (like peppercorns) and have a reddish-brown color, in [Baked pork steak is a food that attracts the whole family around it, for steak baked pork I chose to make cutlet at the expense of fatter meat. Pork chop is the weakest portion of pork, it has about 6g of fat per 100g of pork chop, but it is high in protein and.

. Solevita pineapple juice -20% 4.99 cake.pricebox.originalPrice. 3.99 Lei 1 L 21.09 - 27.09. Carne de porc, proaspătă, muşchi (cotlet), cu os, carne slabă cu grăsimi separabile, gatită, prăjită în minim de ule Este un preparat cu bucati suculente de carne de porc intr-un sos aromat de citrice. Incearca acest cotlet de porc cu cais In Europa si Orientul Indepartat, carnea de porc este preferata de consumatorii de carne. Porcul este omnivor, putand fi hranit atat cu furaje de origine animala, cat si vegetala. Durata naturala de viata a porcului este de aproximativ 12 ani. In cele ce urmeaza va vom prezenta poze cu porci din cele mai apreciate rase din Europa. Poze cu porci COTLET de porc, umplut cu cascaval si ciuperci O idee pentru o friptura la cuptor ceva mai deosebita. O facem cu: - o bucata cotlet de porc, intreg Comunitate, Retete, Poze, Sfaturi. Greenmarket Recipes. Restaurante de Lux. Toate retetele sunt pe Petitchef

Orezul poate fi gatit in zeci de feluri, insa pentru a fi mancat cu placere, trebuie sa pui ceva suflet atunci cand gatesti o reteta anuma. Risotto cu cotlet de porc, reteta pe care vreau sa vi-o impartasesc azi, este un deliciu culinar. In acest an am avut norocul sa gatesc si la sfarsitul lunii Noiembrie cu legume proaspete după necesitate cotlet de porc cu os 2 buc cepe mari 5 căței usturoi 100 ml ulei 2 linguri pastă de tomate 2 foi dafin 2 lingurițe boia, sare și piper după gust Pentru cartofi: 1,5 kg cartofi 2 buc morcovi 1 buc ardei 100 ml ulei. Cotlet de porc cu os feliat. Skip to the end of the images gallery. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. Cotlet de porc cu os feliat. Vezi informatii magazine. 33 % of 100. 3 Recenzii. Cod produs: 22000020. Vandut si livrat de: Supermarket Online. 20,99 Lei /kg. Pretul indicat pe site poate sa difere de pretul din magazinele Carrefour. . Câteva mici trucuri permit obținerea unui preparat suculent și delicios, un cotlet de porc în bere neagră la cuptor. Care sunt aceste trucuri veți descoperi.

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  1. Ingrediente pentru cotlet de porc la cuptor 1 kg cotlet întreg de porc 4 linguri ulei 50 ml vin alb 1 linguriţă piper boabe busuioc cimbru rozmarin 1 ceapă boia dulce de ardei sare 1 ardei gras piper măcinat . află modul de preparare pe clickpoftabuna.r
  2. Șnițel cu panko din cotlet de porc cu os. Garnitură inclusă, la alegere cartofi wedges sau prăjiți. [300gr.
  3. Cotlet de porc Teriyaki cu cartofi noi Posted on 24/05/2020 by Lucian Gavrila În zilele următoare se pare că ploile nu ne vor lăsa să ne facem de cap cu grătare afară, așa că să ne rezumăm doar la ceea ce putem afuma/arde doar în spațiul închis al propriei locuințe
  4. Carne de porc, proaspătă, muşchi din zona toracică (cotlet) cu os, doar carne slabă separabilă, gătită (fără ulei) la (grill în) cupto
  5. strecurati si rumeniti in untura de porc sau ulei de.

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Postat de Postolache Violeta on septembrie 08, 2015 in cotlet de porc retete cu carne de porc retete cu sparanghel retetela gratar sparanghel sote | Comments : 0 O reteta simpla dar gustoasa, cotletul de porc cu sparanghel sote poate reprezenta un pranz de duminica sau o masa rapida pentru atunci cand venim oositi de la serviciu si vrem ceva. Cotlet de porc la cuptor cu cartofi. Delicatese. July 18 · Cotlet de porc la cuptor cu cartofi intregi. Related Videos. 3:02. Piept de pui in sos de smantana cu usturoi si patrunjel. Delicatese. 5.1M views · Yesterday. 3:31. Tocanita cu pipote si inimi de pui cu mamaliguta. Delicatese. 4.5M views · Yesterday

Carne, mezeluri Kauflan

  1. Cotlet de porc cu nuca (mancaruri) Daca este prea multa grasime pe cotlet, se indeparteaza o parte se presara carnea (pe ambele parti) cu sare, piper si nuca se prajeste intr-o tigaie, in untul topit, cate 6-7' pe fiecare parte, apoi se pune in cuptorul preincalzit, la 200 grade (foc mediu spre mare) , pentru 15-20' se scoate.
  2. ute CUPTOR 15-20 MIN. Puteţi găti cotletul şi la cuptor, recomandare
  3. Cotlet de porc Teriyaki cu cartofi noi. 24 mai 2020. Share. Facebook. Twitter. WhatsApp. ReddIt. Telegram. VK. În zilele următoare se pare că ploile nu ne vor lăsa să ne facem de cap cu grătare afară, așa că să ne rezumăm doar la ceea ce putem afuma/arde doar în spațiul închis al propriei locuințe. Evident, mă adresez aici.

Cotlet de porc fără os, feliat - Feliile de cotlet de porc, fără os, vor fi delicioase preparate la cuptor, la grătar sau în tigaie și savurat Muşchiuleţ de porc îmbrăcat în bacon şi servit cu cartofi dulci, pere şi zucchini Cotlet de porc cu dovlecei și sos de iaurt 12 thoughts on Pulpă de porc cu legume la cupto Cotlet de porc umplut cu sos de ciuperci 23 aprilie 2009 Ingrediente: 800 g cotlet de porc intr-o bucata 100 g carne de porc tocata 4-5 felii de bacon 1-2 dinti de usturoi 1 ou sare, piper, patrunjel tocat Pentru sosul de ciuperci: 1 conserva de ciuperci intregi 150 ml smantana 1/2 ceap Cotlet si muschiulet of porc, tinute in saramura aromata with ierburi si mirodenii, apoi afumate. Cu siguranta sunt multe metode of preparare a pastramei, eu preferand o tehnica relativ mai rapida, with un gust placut, fara mult fum si o culoare apetisanta. Ingrediente - Pastrama of porc. 2 cotlete of porc, cca 1,3 kg fiecar 100 ml ulei de masline Mod preparare cotlet de porc la cuptor: Cotletul de porc de taie in felii groase de 1.5 - 2 cm grosime. Se incinge ulei intr-o tigaie si se rumeneste bine pe ambele parti carnea. Intr-un vas de yena se pune putin ulei de masline si se aseaza feliile de cotlet de porc

Cotlet de porc cu os, sos alb din smântână și ciuperci de pădure: hribi, ghebe, champignon, servit cu rucola. [300gr. Totuşi,mai rar în combinaţie cu carnea de porc. Dar,când ai poftă de o mâncare bună de fasole iahnie,se potriveşte de minune cu carnea de porc. Iată o reţetă simplă şi excelentă pentru mâncare de fasole boabe cu carne de porc. Mai întâi,alegeţi carnea de porc cât mai slabă,cu mai puţină grăsime Cotletul de porc, mai puţin suculent decât alte părţi ale animalului, fript la grătar sau tigaie, merge de minune cu sosul cremos şi gustul catifelat-picant dat de brânza gorgonzola.Un fel rapid, simplu şi spectaculos de a prepara un prânz sau o cină Iată cum se feliază un cotlet de porc cu os. Dacă vrei să te apuci de gătit, trebuie să vezi această metodă rapidă și simplă. Pune cotletul cu os pe un tocător și ține-l fix pentru a nu se mai mișca atunci când faci tăieturile Gramaj: 400 g - Cotlet De Porc Cu Sos De Smantana Si Cartofi La Cuptor. 0729.266.850 contact. Acasă.

8 felii cotlet de porc sare piper 2 oua pesmet faina ulei pentru prajit Ingrediente pentru sosul de spanac 300g spanac 2 linguri faina 200ml lapte 15g unt sare 2 catei de usturoi tocat Mod de preparare. Se bat snitele cu batatorul pentru snitele si se condimenteaza cu sare si pipe Cotlet de porc la gratar cu sos de ciuperci si garnitura de cartofi piure. 33,00 lei Adaugă în co. Cotlet de porc cu mango: Timp de executie si complexitate: 25 min: Ingrediente: 400 g cotlet de porc fără os 2-3 mango 400 g roşii cherry 1 bucata ceapă mare roşie 1 lime 2-3 linguri ulei de măsline sare grunjoasă piper oţet balsamic 1 legatura pătrunjel: Realizare : 1. Ceapa roșie se spală și se taie solzișori

Meniu complet pentru musafiri

vreau sa ma consult cu voi in crearea variantelor de meniuri pentru musafiri.

1. antreu
2. ?
3. friptura??
4. desert?

astept sugestiile voastre

#2 Adriana Nicoleta

Pai, hai sa dam un exemplu, eu iti propun citeva meniuri dintre cele pe care le-am facut, evident, pe urma tu alegi ce-ti place.
De obicei cind am oaspeti la cina evit felul I si fac mai multe antreuri si felul II cu garnituri plus desert.
Cind fac totul pe baza de peste fac uneori felul I, spaghetti cu un fel de crustacee care aici se numesc vongole.
Asta pentru ca nu prea ma incinta sa fac paste sau risotto pentru ca sunt de facut pe moment, in schimb restul se pot face si cu putin timp inainte si mentine la cald sau scoate din cuptor, in timp ce la risotto de exemplu, trebuie sa stau sa mestec la el in loc sa stau de vorba cu musafirii, sau sa beau aperitivul impreuna cu ei.
Mie mi se intimpla foarte des sa am si 3-4-5 copii carora le dau de mincare separat si de obicei in timp ce noi servim aperitivul, asa ei dupa aceea se joaca si ne lasa pe noi in pace.
De exemplu la una din ultimele cine pe care le-am facut am pregatit:
Antreuri: salata boeuf, dovlecei marinati, peste "fals", un fel de brinza proaspata (reteta e la Bucataria fara foc) cu diferite gusturi pe ele.
Ca felul II am facut : ceapa rosie, rosii si cascaval afumat
Ca desert: un fel de tort diplomat inventat pentru acea ocazie.
Era o cina destul de simpla pentru ca in cele doua zile dinainte eram ocupata si am pregatit parte din antreuri de vineri.

Mai scormonesc in amintiri si mai revin.

#3 Guest_mona_usa_*

  • Guests

ella,hai ca iti spun si eu cite ceva.

1.apritive,antreuri)salata de brocoli,salata de peste cu maioneza,file de pui arabesc,rulouri cu spanac,tort de clatite umplut cu spanac si carne tocata de pui prajita cu ceapa,rulada din brinza(a scris-o aici tuti),snitele pane,rulada din carne tocata,aperitiv ligia,crenvusti in aluatcremvusti in aluat
un aluat de placinta(cumparat) se taie fisii si se invelesc in el cremvusti fara piele taiati in bucati pun in tava peste hirtie de copt si se ung cu coc la foc potrivit.)
(,vinete cu maioneza,dovlecei pane,Poti face chiftelute cu carne de pui. Daca gasesti ardei gras colorat- rosu, galben, verde il tai in romburi, pui un romb pe o scobitoare iar in varf pui o chifteluta,crochete,bilute din brinza de vaca(sau brinza burduf),chek de carne,rosi umplute,paine cu surprize,ciperci pane,ciuperci cu maioneza,pasta de oua pe tartine,pasta de ficat(pasta de ficat 300g ficat fiert se macina se amesteca cu 3 galbenuse fierte si zdrobite,100g unt,100g smintina,sare,piper,patrunjel tocat.)cake din ficat de pui,pasta de cartofi cu masline(uita aici o reteta care am gasit-o si e tare buna ca am facut-o si eu.PASTA DE CARTOFI CU MASLINE
INGREDIENTE: 500g cartofi fierti in coaja, 200g masline, ulei, lamaie, o ceapa.
Se fierb cartofii si se rad pe razatoarea mare. Se scot samburii la masline si se toaca marunt. Maslinele se amesteca cu cartofii apoi se adauga ulei si zeama de lamaie si o ceapa tocara marunt),Ficateii de pasare se împacheteaza fiecare în felii de bacon, se prind cu scobitori si se prajesc în untdelemn.(eu le-am facut la cuptor)fara ulei.BULETZI DE CASCAVAL,oua umplute,bile din brinza.
din brinza burduf se fac ourele mici si in mijloc se umple cu maslina si se tavalesc in patrunjel uscat.
eu le-am tavalit jumatate din ele in morcov ras si uscat.
pofta mare la aperitive.
bacon cu piept de pui.daca ai fisi de bacon subtiri cam de 18 cm de lung poti sa faci asa.
intinzi felia de bacon pui un pic de piept de pui(crud) pui o bucatica de gogosar rosu si o felie de urma o infasori ca pe un are nimic daca capetele de la pui sau de la gogosar ies afara.iasa foarte bune.(nu trebuie deloc sa le implinti cu scobitoare.ungi putin tava cu unr dar f putin pt ca lasa slanina ulei ,si pe urma le asezi in tava si cu ele la cuptor pina se prajesc(baconu fiind cu putina slanina se topeste si iasa un ma uit de fiecare data la ele si cind vad ca carnea de pui e prajita inauntru atunci sting focu si le papam.

fripturi.:carne de pork si vita,carne de miel,carne de pui,carne de curcan,ciolanul de porc la cuptor ,FILE DE PORC LA TIGAIE CU CIUPERCI SI MASLINE,Snitel vienez,
rulouri picante,snitel cu nuca de cocos,Friptura din carne tocata cu legume ,mititei,Escalop de vita ,FRIGARUI,COTLET DE PORC CU SMANTANA,Rasol Lionez,File de porc in crusta,
piept de pasare cu ciuperci,Friptura de porc cu sos de castraveti,Rulouri din carne umplute cu masline,Carne de vita cu curry, gratinata in stil sud-african ,File de porc cu gogosari si cabanos.Pui Stroganoff,BUFFALO WINGS,Pui taranesc,pui cu mustar,valdostana din piept de pui,aripioare picante,pulpe de pui la cuptor,CHIFTELUTE CU SUSAN,
pui la cuptor pe sticla ,pui la cuptor umplut cu ficat ,PUI HAIDUCESC,CURCAN CU SOS DE CIUPERCI,Friptura de rata ,curcan umplut ,Piept de pui cu susan,Pui umplut cu mere,PUI MADRAS,
,Schnitzel indian de curcan,FAHITA DE PUI,Pui dulce-acrisor,pui Szechuan ,Pui cu ananas ,Pui indian,pui cu lamie,Pui cu smantana. and so on

iar ca garnitura poate fi:

cartofi cu smantana,Orez cu diverse sosuri ,Sote-uri (de mazare, de morcov, de fasole verde),Cartofi unguresti: cartofii fierti se zdrobesc cu furculita. Se caleste o ceapa in putin ulei, se adauga boia dulce dupa gust si cartofii zdrobiti si se lasa putin la foc mic, amestecand bine.
Legume congelate,Cartofi frantuzesti,cartofi naturi,cartofi pane(vei ca este un sub. cu preparate din cartofi),Conopida gratinata, sau broccoli (congelat) cu unt si cascaval,salata orientala,sote de morcovi. and so on

Rulouri de ceafă de porc cu varză în sos de ciuperci – Nu există ceva mai gustos!

Saptamana trecuta mi-au venit prietenii in vizita si i-am servit cu rulouri de ceafa de porc cu varza in sos de ciuperci. Toti au lins farfuriile si au mai cerut o portie. I recommend you try them too. Sunt extrem de gustoase.


  • 5 felii ceafa de porc
  • Jumatate de capatana de varza alba, 1 ceapa
  • 1 frunza de dafin, 3 boabe de ienibahar
  • 1 lingura pasta de rosii, sare, piper negru macinat
  • Ulei de rapita pentru prajit

Ingrediente pentru sosul de ciuperci:

  • 1 ceapa, 200 gr ciuperci de padure
  • 1 borcan sos universal
  • 70 gr piure de rosii
  • Sare si piper negru macinat

Method of preparation:

Asezonam feliile de ceafa de porc cu sare si piper pe ambele parti. Decojim o ceapa si o tocam marunt. Incalzim putin ulei de rapita intr-un tigaie adanca. Calim ceapa. Adaugam in tigaie varza tocata, frunza de dafin si boabele de ienibahar.Turnam apa in tigaie. Lasam tigaia pe foc pana cand varza se inmoaie, iar apa se evapora complet. La final, adaugam pasta de rosii si condimentam cu sare si piper negru macinat. Lasam varza deoparte sa se raceasca. Scoatem frunza de dafin si boabele de ienibahar din amestec.

Punem peste fiecare felie de cotlet cate putin din amestecul de varza si ceapa. Rulam cotletul intr-un sul si-l fixam cu scobitori.

Incalzim ulei intr-o tigaie. Prajim rulourile pe ambele parti pana se rumenesc.

Pregatim apoi sosul. Curatam ceapa si o taiem in cubulete mici. O calim intr-o tigaie cu putin ulei. Adaugam ciupercile curatate si taiate in felii. Prajim ciupercile timp de cateva minute, apoi adaugam sosul si piureul de rosii. Condimentam cu sare si piper negru macinat.Punem rulourile prajite intr-o tigaie si turnam peste ele sosul de ciuperci pregatit anterior. Acoperim tigaia cu un capac si gatim ruloruile timp de o ora, pana cand carnea devine frageda.

Rulourile de ceafa de porc cu varza pot fi servite cu cartofi sau orez. Good appetite and increase cooking!

Myfood Healthy

Curatam ceapa, o spalam si o tocam marunt.
Ardeiul rosu il taiem cubulete, iar morcovul il curatam si il facem rondele.
Intr-o tigaie punem uleiul la incins, adaugam legumele pregatite si le inabusim 3-4 minute.
Adaugam o cana/o cana si jumatate cu apa si lasam sa fiarba.
Rosiile le tocam cat mai mici si le dam drumul in tigaie.
Lasam la foc potrivit sa fiarba cam 5-7 minute.
Condimentam cu sare, busuiocul uscat si sos iute.
La final punem vinul, patrunjelul si mararul verde tocat si tragem tigaia de pe foc

Ciupercile le spalam bine sub jetul de apa.
Le punem intr-o cratita cu apa, putina sare si piper si le fierbem 30 de minute, apoi le scurgem de apa.
Cartofii ii curatam, ii spalam si ii facem cuburi.
In sosul pregatit punem ciupercile si amestecam bine.
Turnam totul intr-un vas de ceramica, apoi punem cartofii.
Curatam usturoiul, il pisam si ii dam drumul in vas.

Acoperim vasul cu capacul si il introducem in cuptor.
Aprindem cuptorul si lasam mancarea pana scade atat cat ne dorim, dar preparatul este bine facut.

Cotlet de porc afumat - varianta pastrama

Ori de cate ori am vrut sa fac ceva tip pastrama la varianta semicrud, nu am reusit. Produsele au iesit exagerat de sarate, ar fi putut fi folosite doar in mancare, adica fierte. Probabil ca undeva exista o reteta corecta insa nu este publica. Urasc ideea sa dai o reteta care nu este completa, mai este ceva acolo, un secret care nu este dezvaluit. Este pacat de cheltuiala, de munca, de sperante risipite si de dezamagirea teribila cand gusti respectivul produs la final.
Am renuntat la a mai face retete ciudate si pe jumatate mincinoase. Asa ca, am facut ce stiu sa fac, verificat.
Pe modelul pastramei de pui, am facut cotlet de porc afumat si piept de curcan.
Am avut grija sa cumpar cotlet nu foarte gros, asta inseamna ca porcul a fost mai tanar. Bucata a cantarit cam 1,3 kg. Langa 2 bucati de cotlet am pus si 3 bucati de piept de curcan, cam de 500 grame fiecare.
Am facut prima saramura din 900 ml de apa, 1 lingura de sare , vreo 20 de boabe de piper si 6 foi de dafin, maruntite. Am pus carnea intr-o cratita de inox si am pus saramura peste ea, am acoperit cratita si am pus-o la frigider pentru 28 de ore. Normal era ca la 24 de ore sa schimb insa dat fiind faptul ca bucata de cotlet a fost destul de mare, am mers cu cateva ore in plus. Am scos carnea din saramura, am curatat-o de boabele de piper si de bucatelele de frunze de dafin lipite de ea si am pus-o in celalalt bait : 9 linguri de sos de soia, 1 lingurita cu varf piper proaspat macinat, 1 lingura indulcitor ,o lingurita de boia de ardei iute si una de boia de ardei dulce. Au stat toate , tot in frigider, cam 16 ore.
Dupa asta , le-am scos, le-am pus intr-o punga de friptura, am legat punga , am facut orificii in partea superioara cu o scobitoare si am dat la cuptor pentru 45 de minute, la foc mare. Dupa asta, am scos carnea din punga , i-am facut agatatoare de ata si am pus-o la uscat, peste noapte , in afumatoare. Un singur fum a primit,din rumegus de lemn de fag, suficient cat sa o acopere si sa ii dea gust.
Normal ca nu are la exterior culoarea uniforma si rozalie a produselor din comert insa, mirosul si gustul nu se pot compara.
Astfel pregatit, cotletul poate fi folosit proaspat sau se poate congela,pe bucati, va avea acelasi gust la decongelare.
Daca nu este posibilitate de afumare, nu este nici o problema, este foarte gustos si asa, se taie frumos in felii subtiri si face fata cu cinste la un aperitiv pentru o masa festiva .

10 comentarii:

Culoarea e de fum adevarat ,iar gustul sigur e de nota maxima! Doina Paula

Da, da, Doina, de aia zic ca nu e perfect aspectul, nu e cel din magazin. Gustul si mirosul fac toate paralele.

Interesant. Vin și eu la un aperitiv stropit cu o palincă.

Buna, Daniela! Iti multumim ca impartasesti cu noi retetele tale. Vreau sa fac si eu acest cotlet doar ca partea cu afumatul nu o sa o pot face. Iese la fel de bun si neafumat? :)Maitrebuie sa ii adaug ceva dupa scoaterea de la cuptor?

Da, iese la fel de bun si neafumat. Iti recomand sa cumperi boia de ardei afumata si sa pui din aia in al doilea bait , astfel ca tot este un pic de gust de afumat.Acum afum, ca este frig si e pusa afumatoarea dar in restul timpului si eu fac neafumat.Sau, mai poti face ceva : sa incalzesti o lingura de ulei, sa pui acolo boiaua afumata si 2 catei de usturoi pisati marunt si cu amestecul asta sa pensulezi pastrama cand e gata si sa o mai lasi in cuptor 2 minute la cald, dar cu cuptorul stins. Apoi o scoti, o pui pe un gratar si o lasi sa se usuce.

Sunt de acord cu dumneavoastră prind faptul ca multi dau rețete incomplete, nu înțeleg de ce?! Va felicit ptr rețetă ��cu siguranță am sa o încerc mi se pare foarte apetisanta și cred ca e și foarte gustoasa după ingredientele ce sau folosit �� complimente! .

Suna interesant, e de facut, multumesc!

Nu am înțeles faza cu îndulcitorul. O lingura? Îndulcitor lichid, praf, pastile? Mi se pare extraordinar de mult. De ce atat de mult dulce? In rețetă nu e prea multa multa sare din cate vad. Mulțumesc!

Mihaela Balan, indulcitorul este praf, Stevia. Indulcitorul lichid are alta concentratie, deci ar trebui mult mai putin. Nu este sare multa, cotletul este preparat termic, deci, nu este semicrud. Dulcele, alaturi de celelalte ingrediente, macereaza foarte bine carnea. Imi cer scuze ca nu ti-am raspuns mai repede.
Eu iti multumesc .

Saltimbocca alla romana

Saltimbocca alla romana (salt in bocca &ndash sare in gura), sau rulouri din carne de vitel, cu prosciutto si salvie, este o reteta veche italiana, care-si are originile undeva prin secolul XIX, in zona Roma. S-a raspandit rapid in toata Italia si a fost preluata si in Grecia, Franta, Elvetia&hellip

Mai multe retete italiene vedeti aici, unde e subliniat cu rosu. Veti gasi retete italiene autentice, multe retete vechi, traditionale, asa cum se gatesc in casele italiene 🙂

Is a reteta rapida, care din cateva ingrediente simple, da nastere la un preparat savuros: felii fine din carne de vitel, condimente, prosciutto, unt sau ulei si vin. Extrem de simpla e recipe asta si este gata in 20 de minute.

Ce ne trebuie pentru reteta de Saltimbocca alla romana?

  • -4 felii subtiri carne vitel (eu am avut 300 g)
  • -4-8 frunze de salvie proaspata
  • -4-8 felii de prosciutto crudo sau bacon crud-afumat (speck)
  • -sare, piper
  • -50 g unt sau unt si ulei de masline, in parti egale
  • -50 ml vin alb sec

Cum se prepara reteta de Saltimbocca alla romana

Cereti la macelarie sa va taie felii foarte subtiri de carne- au si la noi masini de taiat ca-n afara. Spuneti macelarului ca vreti sa faceti o rulada si va trebuie sa fie felii foarte fine, ca la snitel 🙂 . Vedeti sa fie rozalie carnea sau rosu spre roz, nu rosu inchis, ca aia-i vaca batrana, de-o sema cu soacra-mea. O sa iasa rulourile tari 🙁 .

1. Carnea se bate usor cu ciocanul de snitele, ca sa fie extrem de fina. Puneti carnea intre 2 folii de plastic si se bate usor si nici nu sare peste tot. 🙂 Nu cred ca vreti sa redecorati bucataria acum, nu? Daca are pielite pe margine, le taiati. Vedeti ca eu am felii fine de la rasol si am curatat marginile, altfel se strang si sunt tari.

Se presara sare si piper (eu am pus si ardei iute uscat, macinat proaspat impreuna cu piperul). Pe fiecare felie se pun 1-2 felii de prosciutto (eu am pus Pancetta, bacon de casa -facuta de noi, vedeti reteta unde e scris cu rosu) si 1-2 frunze de salvie.

Se ruleaza strans, le puteti prinde cu scobitori daca vreti, dar nu este nevoie. Daca sunt rulate strans, asa raman. Se pune pe foc untul (eu folosesc unt cu ulei de masline, in cantitati egale) si cand se incinge, se adauga rulourile.

Se rumenesc pe fiecare parte cate 2-3 minute, apoi se adauga vinul, se pune capacul si se lasa sa fiarba inabusit aproximativ 10 minute. Se incearca usor cu o furculita si daca sunt patrunse, se stinge focul si se lasa acoperit inca 10 minute.

Se pregateste orice garnitura va place. Eu am facut 2 dovlecei sote. Am taiat cubulete 2 dovlecei fragezi, i-am pus untr-o tigaie cu 1 lingura de ulei de masline, 1 lingurita de unt si un catel de usturoi, am presarat putin piper si ardei iute proaspat macinate. I-am saltat rapid in tigaie timp de 4 minute. Am oprit focul si acum am sarat, la final. In felul acesta dovleceii au ramas all-dente, nu s-au inmuiat. Am presarat cateva frunze de menta si patrunjel verde, proaspat taiat.

Am pus si Saltimbocca alla romana alaturi si gata masa. Cu o salata de sezon este minunata 🙂 .

Asa arata in sectiune, este extrem de frageda si aromata.

Va recomand din tot sufletul sa probati recipe aceasta si sa-mi spuneti ce parere aveti. Daca nu va place carnea de vita, puteti face cu piept de pui sau cotlet de porc. Reteta originala este cu vitel. & # 128578

Spaghete cu ciuperci, in sos alb

Spaghete cu ciuperci, in sos alb

Spaghete cu ciuperci, in sos alb


  1. 500 g ciuperci champignons
  2. 2-3 linguri de făină albă
  3. 2-3 linguri de ulei
  4. 2 medium onions
  5. 250-300 g spaghete
  6. 1 lingură condimente din legume (opțional)
  7. salt
  8. piper măcinat
  9. 1/2 legătură de mărar verde

Mod de preparare: Spaghete cu ciuperci, in sos alb

Curățăm ciupercile și ceapa și le spălăm bine. Tăiem ciupercile în felii, sau în bucăți nu prea mari. Încingem uleiul într-o cratiță și călim ceapa tocată mărunt, până ce se înmoaie.
Adăugăm ciupercile și lăsăm să fiarbă 10-15 minute. La nevoie punem 1/2 cană cu apă, dar nu mai mult, deoarece mai lasă apă și ciupercile.
Între timp punem făina într-o cană, turnăm treptat apă și amestecăm până ce devine ca o smântână mai subțire.
Turnăm făina peste ciuperci, amestecând continuu și lăsăm să fiarbă pînă ce sosul se îngroașă. Apoi adăugăm condimente după gust și lăsăm să mai fiarbă împreună timp de 5 minute, până ce se uniformizează gusturile.
Preparăm pastele conform instrucțiunilor de pe ambalaj și le scurgem. Servim spaghetele cu ciuperci, în sos alb, fierbinți. Deasupra presărăm mărar tocat mărunt.

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