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Dessert eclair cake with strawberries

Dessert eclair cake with strawberries

For the dough, bring the water to a boil, together with the oil and a pinch of salt, and when it reaches the boiling point, add the flour, remove the bowl from the heat and mix intensely, until the composition is homogeneous.

Let this composition cool well, then incorporate one by one the 6 eggs.

Let the dough cool for 10 minutes, then, with the help of a posh, form rolls at the base of the baking tin.

It is also possible without posh, spreading a thinner layer of dough, about 2 cm.

Bake the dough for 35-40 minutes, at 180 degrees C or until well browned on the surface.

We do not open the oven during baking, because the dough grows quite a lot, forming a gap inside, and on contact with cold air it will leave.

Also, after the time expires, we leave the dough in the oven for 5 minutes, we do not take it out suddenly, also for the same reason.

From the remaining dough, form rolls in a greased tray, or lined with baking paper and bake them separately for 35-40 minutes at 180 degrees C.

Also, be careful not to open the oven door and do not remove them suddenly after baking.

For the vanilla cream, rub the yolks with a pinch of salt and 4 tablespoons of green sugar, then dilute them with a little cold milk, add the flour and mix.

Fill with the rest of the hot milk, stirring intensely for homogenization and boil the cream over medium heat, until it thickens like a pudding.

After extinguishing the fire, add the diced butter and vanilla essence and mix intensely until it melts and is incorporated into the cream.

Let the cream cool, covered with a cling film, directly over it, so as not to get crust.

Strain the strawberries through a blender, then boil them for 5-6 minutes, together with a spoonful of green sugar.

We then pass them through a sieve to remove the seeds.

When the cream has cooled, divide it in two.

On one side, we will add the strawberries and 10 g of hydrated gelatin in a little cold water and then diluted in a bain marie, and on the other side, we leave it simple.

Cut the eclair dough crosswise and fill it with plain vanilla cream.

We also stop the cream, to fill half of the baked mini-eclairs separately.

Spread the strawberry cream over the cake and let the cake cool for at least 45 minutes, to harden the cream, then garnish the cake with mini eclairs, with strawberries and mint leaves.

It is recommended to use a baking sheet with removable walls, to assemble the creams nicely, especially the strawberry one, which is slightly cursive when we spread it over the cake.

This eclair cake with vanilla and strawberries is not very sweet, the strawberry cream is slightly sour, but it is very fragrant and cool.

May it be useful to you!

Ecla banana cake

The perfect dessert for a day when you want to quickly prepare something sweet, creamy, crunchy, fragrant and, most importantly, to the taste of the whole family!

420 g graham crackers with cinnamon

340 ml whipped cream

6 fresh bananas cut into thin slices

In a medium bowl, combine the homemade pudding with the cream, mix well and set aside.

Put a layer of biscuits on the bottom of a tray. Surely you will need to break a few to fit properly, do not worry if they overlap.

Pour half of the pudding cream over the biscuits and place half of the sliced ​​bananas.

Then another layer of biscuits and the rest of the pudding and banana cream.

Put the last layer of biscuits on top.

In a small bowl, rub the icing ingredients until you get a smooth and creamy result. Slowly pour the icing over the last layer of biscuits.

If you don't like cinnamon glaze, you can make a cocoa one, simply by replacing the 2 teaspoons of cinnamon with 2-3 cocoa.
Refrigerate the dessert for at least 4 hours. You can even leave it overnight.

You can keep the cake for no more than 3 days since you first put it in the fridge.

Classic range cakes

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Cake with cottage cheese, strawberries and jelly (without baking)!

A light and tasty cake with cottage cheese, fruit and jelly - it is eaten as fast as it is cooked! You can experiment with tastes, using different fruits.


& # 8211 500 gr of cottage cheese (9%)

& # 8211 250 gr of fermented cream (20%)

& # 8211 vanilla sugar or 1 teaspoon vanilla essence

& # 8211 18 gr of gelatin + 150 ml of water

& # 8211 sponge cake or biscuits + melted butter in 2: 1 proportions

& # 8211 2 sachets of jelly for 400 ml of water


1. Mix the cheese with the cream, sugar and vanilla extract, passing the ingredients through the blender vertically. The final composition must be creamy and homogeneous.

Advice. We recommend using not very dry cheese without hard granules. If you do not have a blender, pass the cheese twice through the meat grinder or sieve.

2. Soak the gelatin in water beforehand and wait for it to swell for about 20 minutes. Then, melt it in the microwave (in 10-15 seconds, stirring each time) or in a bain marie.

3. After the gelatin has cooled, pour it into a thin wire in the cheese composition, which must be at room temperature, stirring constantly with the whisk.

4. For the base of the cake, I used a sponge cake with a thickness of 1 cm. Place it on the plate and fix a pastry ring (21 cm), the walls of which you cover with acetate foil or strips of protective foil for documents.

Advice. If you do not have acetate foil or protective foil, then simply heat the walls of the form with the hair dryer before removing the cake from it.

The top can also be prepared from crumbs of biscuits mixed with melted butter or you can use a ready-made top of the trade.

5. Add the cheese composition, shake the form slightly so that it is evenly distributed, and put it in the freezer for 15-20 minutes.

6. Pour 400 ml of boiling water over the jelly powder and mix well with a spoon until it dissolves completely. Allow the jelly to cool to room temperature.

7. Wash the strawberries, remove the stalks, cut them in half and place them on the cheese layer.

8. Carefully pour some jelly over the strawberries, using a teaspoon, and place the cake in the freezer for 10-15 minutes.

9. After the first layer of jelly sticks and the strawberries are well set, you can pour the remaining jelly and put the cake in the fridge or freezer for 10-15 minutes, if you need to serve it as soon as possible.

10. Remove the ring and foil. If necessary, heat the foil a little with the hair dryer and you will shock it more easily.

A handsome and extremely tasty dessert! By preparing this cheese cake with fruit, you will pamper your family with an incredibly good delicacy perfect for summer!

Here's how to make Ecler cake without baking! You will pleasantly surprise the guests

If you do not like to waste a lot of time baking cakes, but you are craving a homemade dessert, then this recipe is the best way out of the situation. The eclair cake is extremely appetizing, beautiful and tasty. Plus, you won't even think this delicacy isn't ripe. It is perfect for a regular morning or for a special event.


-2.5 tablespoons cornstarch

-a tip of vanilla essence



1. Boil half the amount of milk. In the second half of the milk dilute the starch, then add the sugar, vanilla and egg yolk. Gradually pour the whole composition into the hot milk. Stir the whole composition continuously, boil for about 5 minutes, until the composition thickens. you will get a pudding.

2. Allow to cool slightly, cover with cling film and refrigerate until fully cooled.

3. Grease the baking tray with butter, put a layer of biscuits, then a thick layer of pudding.

4. Repeat this process until the composition is complete. The top layer should be with biscuits.

5. Prepare the glaze. Mix the sugar, cocoa and milk. Put the mixture on low heat, when it starts to boil add the butter. Don't forget to stir continuously. When the butter melts, remove the pan from the heat. Pour the icing over the cake. Refrigerate the cake overnight or at least for a few hours.

Eclair with vanilla and fresh strawberries

An elcler as beautiful as it is delicious! Filled with vanilla cream, natural whipped cream and fresh strawberries, this ecler is our favorite! Is it yours too?

For the countertop I melted the white chocolate with the butter. I mixed the egg whites with the sugar and a pinch of salt. I added melted chocolate with butter, then flour mixed with baking powder. I baked the top in a round shape in which I put baking paper.

For the cream I mixed the liquid cream, I added the mascarpone, the cream cheese and the sugar, mixing continuously. At the end I added the yogurt. I prepared the gelatin according to the instructions on the envelope and added it to the cream.

I placed the countertop on a plate. I wrapped the removable ring from the round tray with cling film and placed it around the worktop. I placed a thin layer of cream over the counter, then I put strawberries on the whole surface. On the inside of the tray ring I placed halves of strawberries, with the cut part glued to the ring.

I spread the cream over the strawberries, being careful not to move them. I put food foil on the top and put it cold until morning.

In the morning I removed the ring, decorated the cake with strawberries and vanilla cream mixed with whipped cream. I had the remaining vanilla cream from another cake. It can be garnished only with whipped cream or cream left over from the inside.

Cake with cottage cheese and strawberries & # 8211 an excellent dessert without baking

The hot days are approaching so I decided to share with you this cake recipe with cottage cheese and strawberries. It has a refreshing taste and is very easy to prepare. You do not have to use the oven to prepare this cake.


  • 500 gr cow's cheese, 2 sachets of vanilla sugar
  • 60 gr powdered sugar, 1 sachet of vanilla-flavored pudding
  • 200 ml milk, 110 gr biscuits
  • 250-500 gr strawberries, 250 ml whipped cream
  • 2 jelly sachets with strawberry flavor, 500 ml water, sugar (to taste)

Method of preparation:

First we prepare the jelly. Mix the jelly powder with 500 ml of water. Add the sugar (to taste) and bring the jelly to a boil.

We cook everything for 1 minute, not more. Take the jelly off the heat and mix. If foam forms, remove it. Let the jelly cool.

Mix the cottage cheese with the vanilla sugar and powdered sugar. Then add the pudding powder. We also pour the milk, little by little.

If it starts to thicken, we don't have to add all the milk. Beat the whipped cream with the mixer until it hardens. Add the whipped cream to this thick mixture of cottage cheese.

We spread a layer of biscuits on the bottom of a round cake tray. On top we put half of the cream with cheese, pudding and whipped cream. Spread the cream evenly, then add the sliced ​​strawberries.

Add a new layer of biscuits and the remaining cream. Put strawberry slices on top. Pour the cold jelly over the strawberry layer. Put the cake in the fridge for a few hours, during which time the jelly will solidify.

It is preferable to leave the cake in the refrigerator overnight. The next day, we can cut it and serve it. Good appetite and increase cooking!

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